Beach Pics

Pictures Of The Beach Replenishment


The Beach replenishment is finished. The article below was written during the process.

The beach replenishment is well underway. Right now they are working at the end of our street. This is truly something to see and I would encourage everyone who has the opportunity to come to see this amazing procedure.
They have a large ship that goes out and loads with sand off shore and then comes and pumps that sand on the beach. They are literally pushing the ocean back. The following pictures show what the procedure is like. The beach will be 360 feet wide with a dune 25 feet wide and six feet high.

beach replenishment beach beach beach beach

*To provide coastal storm damage reduction and shoreline protection along 2.5 miles of ocean front from the northern end of Rehoboth Beach to the southern end of Dewey Beach.

*The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is managing project construction and providing 65% of the funding for initial construction and periodic nourishment.
*The Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) is providing the balance of funds as the non-Federal sponsor.
*Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Company is performing the construction.

*Initial project construction is approximated at $10,324,560, and the estimated cost of periodic nourishment per cycle (approximately every 3 years) is $4.0 million
*Total estimated project cost for the beachfill and dune system is $118 million over the 50 year project life. This cost estimate includes initial construction costs, periodic nourishment, major rehabilitation, and project monitoring over 50 years.

*The project will cover a total length of 13,500 feet (2.5 miles).
*Project design: approximately 1.7 million cubic yards of sand will be pumped from an offshore borrow area to construct a beach and dune system.
*The source of the sand for initial construction and subsequent periodic nourishment is a borrow area (Area G) located approximately 2.6 miles east of Indian River Inlet.
*Beach design:
- Rehoboth: 125 foot wide beach and 25 foot dune crest
- Dewey Beach: 150 foot wide beach and a 25 foot wide dune crest
PLEASE NOTE:The project supervisor told me the beach here will be 360 feet wide and the 150 feet is the length of beach that will slope.